Product Thinking

Having the right product strategy and vision is essential for a product to succeed! That’s where we come in. We help you to determine the scope of your project by analyzing product features, creating backlogs and user stories.

Product Roadmapping

Ever wondered how your product will reach the outside world? How it will conquer the world? We have! Your product will need a roadmap, a go-to-market strategy and some serious release management. Don’t worry we’ll take care of that too.

Prototyping as a Service

What’s the best way to find out both the strengths and weaknesses of your product? That’s right, by testing it! Whether you need a dynamic visual prototype, mockups or wireframes. You name it, we create it!


Who are we

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Want to work for us?

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We know our stuff

Catcoon is a multidisciplinary team of experts with backgrounds in user experience, technology, business, marketing, design and development. We are well aware of the gaps that exist between these disciplines. But don’t worry, Catcoon makes it its duty to fill these gaps. Miscommunications between different disciplines will be a story of the past!

Our mission is an end-to-end guiding of your digital projects. We find it extremely important that all stakeholders share the same product vision and understand each other’s point of view.



How we think

Validated & tested

We like to use a pragmatic approach to create sustainable digital products. To obtain this we Think, Ideate, Explore and Build. On repeat.

We’ll always start from a holistic & user centered approach. We quickly start building a prototype, test it and iterate.

We don’t look at a problem in its totality, we look at all its different facets. By collecting information on all particles, it becomes easier to map out the solutions for a problem.

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